Coffee By Design, a Maine owned and operated coffee company since 1994, is dedicated to changing the world, one cup of coffee at a time by providing customers with sustainably sourced, traceable coffee. Owners Mary Allen Lindemann and Alan Spear were named Maine SBA Small Business Person of the Year, 2014. Coffee By Design recently opened a roastery and coffee house at One Diamond St, Portland, bringing their total number of coffeehouses to five. In addition to serving some of the world’s finest coffee, Coffee By Design is committed to running a sustainable business dedicated to the arts, the environment, and the community. With over 450 select restaurant, cafes and gourmet stores and online retail sales, their coffee is enjoyed nationwide.


For more information, visit www.coffeebydesign.com.


Established in 2015, PWMGO is a colaborative arts organization committed to developing and promoting arts and entertainment. This is accomplished through our provided service offerings of video production, branding, web development with a focus on non-profits.  PWMGO is proud to be supporting Portland Summer Films by producing all branding and promotional content for the organization.


Mensk Maine non-profit is the proud Fiscal Sponsor of Portland Summer Films.  


The mission of MENSK is to inspire and support personal, local, and regional action for the development of creative and sustainable communities. Goals to encourage grass roots networking and act as a platform for community members to creatively inter-relate.  To offer logistical support.  To broaden and enhance individual and community perspectives and involvement.  To promote the conversation of energy and the reliance on sustainable resources and increase the awareness of the interconnectivity of transportation, agriculture, vocation, recreation, art, our community and ourselves.  We do all this through event orchestration providing community resources, and by acting as an unbrella organization.  

Please visit out site to learn more. <CLICK HERE> 


CURRY PRINTING has been supporting Portland Summer Films for many years, providing in-kind printing of our promotional materials.  We are very thankful for their support, please visit Curry Printing for all your printing needs!